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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  February 6, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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they broke the old records set in 1987. napa, 80, a new record. moffet, 77. a new record, and we had san rafael, 79. santa rosa, a new record, 83, breaking the old record at 1912. how much longer will the heat be with us? we'll look at the forecast coming up. >> alan: in egypt, the government is reaching out to the opposition to try to calm the demonstrators. and there was good news for a google executive who hasn't been seen since january 27th. lillian kim has more. >> reporter: according to reports, google exec wael ghoneim is scheduled to be released at 2:00 a.m. pacific time. he has not been seen for ten days. this is youtube video of what many believe was the day ghoneim was taken away,
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apparently by plain-clothed police. he was last seen january 27th. since then, friends and families have been asking to have him released. friend say he has played a key role in trying to bring innovation and information to egypt. we spoke to a close friend of ghoneim of the phone. he lives in boston and had gotten to know ghoneim through the technical community. >> has been doing lot of good work for egypt. trying to help egypt on the technology side. on a personal level, a really good and dear friend, and i really want him back. >> reporter: egyptian telecommunications tycoon naguib sawiris is pressuring the government to release ghoneim. he spoke to the vice-president and was promised ghoneim would
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be freed. the release is scheduled for 2:00 a.m. pacific time. abc abc-7 -- abc-7 news. >> alan: political dissidents have won another battle. the vice-president promised to allow a free press and to lift laws used to depress human rights but only when security permits it. he spoke excusesively with abc. >> want people to know that all your demand, all your request, we responsibility to. and we promise that we will do, and we need quiet time to emme. these -- implement these things. >> alan: two of the three uc
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berkeley grad detained in iran were on trial today. it's been 18 months since day were arrested hiking near the iranian border. very little is known about what happened inside that courtroom. >> reporter: no one from the outside was allowed inside iran's revolutionary court. the ban on observers even left the swiss ambassador standing in the streets, america's only diplomatic representative in the country. the three hikers pleaded not guilty. sarah shourd in absentia, her friend and fiancee in person. >> the lawyer says the case seems to be out of the control of the lawyer or the defendants, shaun and josh, and it's up to the judge, which has the reputation of being very close to the intelligence service. >> reporter: a journalist has been working with the families of the hikers to free them from prison. he spoke to the hikers' lawyer
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after the hearing. a lawyer whose repeated requests to meet with the uc grads ahead of the hearing were denied. >> he was very confused. he said that there is no reason to postpone over and over again the trial. >> reporter: their supporters remain hopeful. ken light was one of his professors. >> we don't know enough about the system. the fact they have court date, at least we know that they're acknowledging it publicly. >> reporter: shourd, released in september after 410 dies in -- days in prison was recorded to return for the trial but did not go. she revealed new details about her can't -- captivity. >> it was clear we weren't spies in the second month, suddenly i was pulled out of my cell and i heard shane and josh's voices. i saw them, and we just threw our arms around each other. >> reporter: on her blog today
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she wrote, i never wanted anything as badly is a want shaken -- shane and josh to be free. >> a judge decide thread will be at least one more hearing. i if the hikers are convicted they could spend ten years in an iranian prison. >> alan: oakland police have identified the man who fired at them last night as 31-year-old benny martin. officers responsibled to a report of a man shooting at a passing vehicle. when officers approached the suspect, they say he pulled out a gun and fired at them. the officers were not hit, and a short time later police arrested martin, along with another man, who tried to help him get away. both suspects were booked for attempted murder. a muni required -- rider captured a safety issue while a passenger. he sent this video showing a
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woman sticking her head in the driver's area and the two engaged in conversation while the train is in motion. muni issued this response, quote, the inaction the video displayed by the operator are not acceptable. we will bring the operator in for an interview and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. up next, the military rocket launch that the government is keeping under tight wraps. a celebration of former president reagan on what would have been his 100th birthday. a rare moment with the former first lady.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: today would have been ronald reagan's 100th 100th birthday. nancy reagan placed a wreath on her late husband's grave and greeted people at the presidential library. >> i know that ronnie would be thrilled, and is thrilled, to have all of you share in this 100th birthday.
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doesn't seem possible, but that's what it is. >> alan: the gipper, as he was known, got quite the birthday present. the ronald reagan presidential foundation surpassed it's $100 million endowment goal. that ensures his legacy will be preserved and promoted. the endowment maintains the ronald reagan library. >> former san francisco mayor willie brown talked about the reagan legacy. he was the assembly speaker during reagan's tenure as california's government and said reagan never refer to the government as being the problem and not the solution. words which later defined his presidency. >> he learned about government and the operation of government and what government could or could not do in the eight years he spent as the governor of the state of california, and they were really incredible learning years for this extraordinary, gifted person. it doesn't surprise me, by 1981,
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he would be saying the word we're still living with and trying to address it today. >> alan: black history month was observed in san francisco with a special conversation between distinguished members of the african-american community. enid lee and three others set down for an open discussion of their experiences. colbin was the first person to resist bus segregation in nam alabama nine months before the rosa parks case. >> they were trying to go in, and a case that they people would hear about our injustices. >> alan: her experience was not publicized by black leaders because she was 15 years old at the time, up unmarried, and
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pregnant. up next, ramping up. the american automobile industry showing fresh signs of life. hope you enjoyed this warm sunday because it's going to change. >> mike: the nba, one of the few tours willing to go up against tours willing to go up against the super bowl, and when you
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>> alan: a rocket carrying a secret spacecraft launched from california's coast today. it bleasd -- blasted off from vandenberg air force base. they would not comment on the purpose or how much it costs. in a strong sign for the economy, the ford motor company is ramping up production. high demand has the company increasing its factory production by 13% from the first quarter. sales to individual buyers rose 27%, thanks to higher demand for vehicles leak the ford explorer. sales to big fleet buyers like rental car companies rose 9%. company executives are optimistic they'll increase
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production throughout the year. >> here one for you chihuahua lovers out there. there was a gathering in san francisco. the warm weather brought out the small dogs and their owners to the monthly meetup. the groups include a couple of rescue organization. there's an overpopulation of chihuahuas. there were some dogs up to adoption out there, too. meteorologist leigh glaser here with some incredibly warm temperatures. >> leigh: we had 70s and 80s. we showed you some records. santa rosa, 83 degrees today. breaking that old stabbed -- established record set in 1912. definitely unseasonably warm, but i don't think anyone is complaining. a delightful day, and experiencing a very nice sunset right now. here's the high definition emery cam looking over the bay bridge. wind, not as brisk as it was
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this time yesterday. in fact that wind will calm down tonight, and temperature-wise we have 50s and 600ss overnight. and here's a look at current readings. 72, still some heat in san rafael. 61 in fairfield. 70 in concord. 75 in redwood city. half moon bay, 68. and san jose, clear skies, 71 degrees. here's other a look the highlights. we'll continue with cooler temperatures overnight. it will be clear. get ready for a cooler day tomorrow. the sea breeze will return, and that's definitely going to mean cooler temperatures for all of us, and this dry weather pattern will continue right on through the week. next weekend we could possibly see showers in here. you can see the amply tied -- amplitude of the high pressure. the clear sky giving way to cool
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coulder temperatures, and we'll have the wind so the temperatures mid-to-low 40s. we'll keep 50s for san francisco and locations near the bay. the coast, half moon bay, 45. keep it clear. antioch, 44. 43 in livermore. high pressure really responsible for the past several days for bringing us those offshore winds that helped us warm up. even the coast today, temperatures mid-to-upper 60s. the ridge of high pressure is starting to weaken, and the jetstream will sag a little to the south, and going to mean from offshore to onshore, and that's going to bring us a cooler air mass. so breezy and cool for monday and tuesday. and then things start to moderate a little more as we head into mid-week, but really no rain in the next four to five days. here's a look at our highs for monday. a little tricky, depending how
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strong the sea breeze is. upper of 60s to low 70s south bay. at the coast, half moon bay, 62 degrees. winds will pick up out of the west late in the day. redwood city, 66 in the north bay, flirting with 70 degrees in some locations. santa rosa, 68. 68 for sonoma. on the east bay, breezy late in the day. 66 degrees there. 68 in fremont. interior east bay communities, upper 60s, maybe a few low 70s. concord, 66. 69 for brentwood. my accuweather seven-day forecast. keep it dry through at least saturday, but sea breeze really cools us off on tuesday. and then thursday and friday, increasing clouds. saturday night and sunday, forecast models bring a little moisture in here. we'll update that. >> alan: got pay for it at some
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time. let's move on to shu. super bowl shmooper goal. >> mike: great day for golf. we tee it up at phoenix, final tuneup for at&t at pebble beach. frost has delayed part of round three and round four. mark wilson rocking the cheesehead. third round action, real men wear pink. rickie fowler, his second. can't do it any better than this, one hop into the cup for eagle. 13-under through 13. geoff ogilvie from the bunker. also holes out. 14-under through 14. on the fourth round. phil mickelson from just off the green. nobody does it better than phil. 11-under. tommy "two gloves" gainey, tied for the lead.
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but 3-putt, dropping to 18 under, and wilson, the packer fan, would drain his birdie putt. a big two-stroke swing, would move to 18-under, and will enter his final six holes tomorrow with a two-stroke lead. holmes is one of four at 15-under. in the nba today, the heat hosting the clippers. and that means you get a taste of the high-flying blake griffin. off the miss. oh, my goodness. the putback. game tied at 13. chris bosh can elevate, too. off of dwayne wade. heat up ten. the blake show not over. griffin all alone, the windmill. the heat were too much. wade, two of his 28. eight boards and eight assists. miami wins big. 97-79 the final. the row match of last year's eastern conference finals, the magic and the celtics.
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second quarter, anderson for the two-hand jam. boston would pull away in the second half. rondo, high off the glass, and the foul. he had 26 points. 7 assists. the celtics win this one, 91-80. >> speaking of boston, patriots quarterback tom brady is this year0s "associated press" nfl mvp. the first unanimous pick, receiving all 50 votes. he led the patriots to a 14-2 record. threw 36 touchdowns and four interceptions. he would trade that mvp title for a super bowl title. shouldsome -- some would say you're nat normal if you're not watching the super bowl. there are people out there who are not interested as i found out today on the streets of san francisco. >> why aren't you watching the super bowl today?
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>> i am on a date. >> a date? >> excuse me. did you leave your man card at home? >> yeah. my manhood went away today. >> first time ever missed the super bowl. >> today? no. we are from italy, and we like other kind of football. >> i couldn't do it. i was going to stay, and, i got be out here. i got to be -- actually a couple women sat next to me when i was stretching, they started talking to me, turned out they don't have boyfriends. >> another reason to watch the super bowl. >> quality mother-daughter time, which is rare at her age. >> yes. she's going to be 16 very soon. >> same thing. i'm a baseball person. >> mother-daughter? >> no. [laughter] >> are you making him come out today and not watch the super bowl? >> oh, yeah. it's taken a bit.
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he doesn't know anything about baseball. >> baseball? >> yeah. >> okay. all right, guys, enjoy your trip. >> mike: baseball? they were from england. there you go. super bowl 45, of course, is underway. the fourth quarter about to begin and the packers lead 21-17. aaron rodgers has two t.d. passes, the heights right here at 11:00. >> mike: you picked the packers. >> mike: but the momentum has changed. >> alan: if you plan to drive home after drinking at a super bowl party, you're encouraged to use a designated driver or call triple-a. police agencies are stepping up dui enforcement to keep drunk drivers off the road. triple-a is offering a three tipsy tow, free one-way tow up to ten miles through 6 al-tomorrow morning.
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>> up next, a college thriller about room mates climbs to the top of the box office. shift you. shift you. take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot...
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>> alan: if you ever had a bad roommate you might be able to relate to this. the college thriller "the roommate" debuted at number one. it's about a psychotic freshman who becomes on sed with her new
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roommate. james cameron's underwater cave adventure came in second, and rounding out the top three is the romantic comedy no stringz attached. that does it for us here at abc-7. we want to thank you loyal viewers for watching. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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